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The most challenging issue facing every small to medium enterprise is Financial Management.  That is because directors and owners get on with doing what they do best, and leave all the financial matters to a bookkeeper to run day to day, and an external accountant to prepare annual compliance.


There is often no one internally dedicated or responsible for analysing the real financial situation to enable making considered financial decisions that affect growth and future success. 


"To empower our clients to create a better financial future"


“The Number Crunchers”


Keating & Company provides all the necessary compliance requirements and Managerial Accounting that empower our clients to create a better financial future. At Keating & Company, we specialise in using financial analysis and data mining into all the major accounting programmes (e.g. Myob (we are certified consultants), Xero, Reckon, Quickbooks Online) to fully utilise their reporting and analytical capabilities. Only with this detailed information can more accurate and meaningful financial decisions be made. 

Areas of assistance:

  • Financial year end compliance;

  • Full management accounting and analysis; 

  • Daily bookkeeping and GST controls that can be delivered online and in real time;

  • Online superannuation compliance reporting.

“The External CFO” 


Keating & Company backs up its Number Crunching with the services of an “External CFO”.  For organisations not large enough to justify an internal CFO, this service provides all the duties they would normally take on. It will assist with making all financial decisions that affect the operations and in dealing with and avoiding problems that can create hurdles moving forward.

Areas of assistance:

  • Provides both operational and strategic support to the organisation relating to budget management, cost benefit anaylsis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding;

  • Analysis and advice in relation to administrative, financial and risk management operations of the organisation;

  • Advice, development and monitoring of key performance measures/indicators and control systems designed to preserve assets and report accurate financial results.

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